We began our practice in 2012 with a vision to develop design processes that respond to the landscape of urban India. Through our work in design and strategy we create design solutions that share ideas, communicate values and represent the culture in which we live today.

The studio works across Asia with industry, institutions and individuals to develop context-driven design solutions. In the areas of brand expression, visual communciation, space design and digital interaction, we provide consultancy, design and production services. We have the capabilities to take every idea from concept to delivery.

With focused attention to detail and quality, we’re committed to creating messages that speak to the hearts and minds of audiences. Our clients may be entrepreneurs, artists or institutions, but we are as passionate about telling their story as they are.

Kahani helps businesses and arts organisations engage their audiences with clear, thoughtfully crafted communication.

We work with brands, individuals and institutions in the areas of
• Visual Identity
• Brand Expression
• Communication Strategy
• Packaging Design
• Publication Design
• Environmental Graphics
• Exhibition Design

We build narratives at the intersection of visual, spatial and experience design.

We begin our process with an inquiry into each and every client’s unique story. Our distinctive approach of a core in-house team, coupled with specialist collaborators allows us to create customised solutions for a wide range of assignments.

The studio practice is lead by:

Founder, Principal

Ruchita Madhok is the Founder and Principal Designer at Kahani Designworks. Trained in exhibition design and scenography, she has worked extensively with corporate organisations and arts institutions in India, the UK and UAE. Her expertise lies in creating narrative experiences for branded environments, exhibitions and performance.

Ruchita is passionate about the power of design to influence the landscape of emerging India and brings an international perspective to each of Kahani’s projects.


Aditya Palsule is Principal Designer at Kahani Designworks. He is a communication expert with extensive professional experience working with clients in South Asia and the UK. He has created solutions for a wide range of industry and his forte lies in developing brand communication strategies.

Aditya believes that design is a process and not just a product. He is highly experienced in delivering solutions that work across traditional media as well as emerging digital platforms.

We thrive in a culture of inter-disciplinarity and diversity.