A sensitive design intervention to introduce a new experience

In 2014 the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum launched it's Audio Guide service in English, Hindi and Marathi languages. Collaborating with the museum team, we've created a way to tell the story of the city and the museum, through illustrated maps.

At the outset, we were very aware that conventional maps with plans and elevations can be intimidating to many people and so our aim was to illustrate the maps in an accessible and friendly way. Each floor of the museum is represented in three-dimensional sketches, making it easy for the visitor to orient themselves to the cases that are audio-guide enabled.

Special attention was also paid to the typography of each map in order for the Marathi, Hindi and English maps to be equally legible. The map itself uses the colour scheme of the museum building and incorporates architectural details into the drawings. In doing so, the map functions as a miniature representation of this beautiful Victorian-era building.

Our role: Information Design, Graphic Design, Illustration