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Jitish Kallat

A one-of-a-kind monograph with a unique perspective on the artist’s work

A labour of love for everyone working on this project, the book offers a fascinating insight into Jitish Kallat’s journey as an artist. A well paced selection of works, accompanied by essays and poetry gives the reader an incredible range of perspectives with which to frame the content.

Working closely with the artist, the book was designed to be friendly, witty, almost conversational. Many works are showcased in multiple stages, ‘zooming out’ and ‘zooming in’ to show context and fine detail. The cover features an innovative design approach with the artwork folding around the book block.

Launched at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2018, the monograph has met with rave reviews from both critics and the press.

Our role: Editorial Strategy, Publication Design, Graphic Design

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