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Mathieu Lustrerie Audio Guide

An innovative, intuitive digital platform for an exhibition on the history of lighting design in France

Regis Mathieu, principal of Mathieu Lusterie is much sought-after for his unrivaled expertise in the design and history of lighting. In 2017, the company was invited to participate in AD Intérieurs at the historic Monnaie de Paris. To complement the visually stunning collection on display, Mathieu Lusterie needed an interpretation platform that could engage French and international visitors.

Working extensively with the client team, Kahani designed and developed a unique web-based audio guide that visitors could access via an internet connection on their phones. Built as mobile first, visitors could use the audio guide to walk through the exhibition and listen to Mathieu speak about the works on display. The guide was designed to be played on an kind of mobile device, regardless of its software specifications. This proved to be a key factor in the success of the guide.

The guide was extremely popular with visitors, prompting most people to spend more time with the collection and access the catalogue even after they left the exhibition. 

Our role: User Experience and Digital Design

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