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SPace for Encounters: Art Mediation for Opening Access

A toolkit to help engage arts audiences

An arts mediation workshop led by the University of Lucerne brought together South Asian arts mediators and educators to the Kochi-Muziris Biennale in 2016. The KMB Foundation asked us to design a toolkit based on the audience engagement activities developed in the course of this process.

Given that this open-source toolkit had reach as many people as possible, we approached the project keeping its final purpose in mind. We conceived of the publication as an A5 folder from which tools can be removed, photocopied, adapted or enhanced by one or more people. As they are used and modified, the sheets can be gathered back into the folder, becoming a resource and archive of workshops conducted by the users. Individual tools can then be shared or swapped among mediators, eventually becoming more than just the outcome of the 2016 workshop.

The sets were printed in a budget-friendly combination of two colours and assembled under a tight schedule, the constraints pushing us to work creatively to deliver the most value for an important resource.

Our role: Art Direction, Publication Design, Illustration
*Some illustrations were originally prepared by Lena Erikkson.

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