Encouraging a deeper understanding of the cities in which we live

Storycity is a publishing initiative to promote cultural engagement in Indian cities. Over the past year we have released 3 self published projects that build on our extensive research and work within the arts and culture. Our latest publication is Storycity Mumbai: Exploring a City by the Sea, a complilation of 24 stories that explore Mumbai's relationship with the sea. Each Storycity publication is researched, written and designed by Kahani Designworks including the vivid watercolour illustrations that visualise the content inside.

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To celebrate International Museums Day on the 18th of May we presented beautifully illustrated guides to museums in Mumbai and Delhi. They contain practical information about how to visit and highlights on the experiences to be had in each museum.

Created in English and Marathi for Mumbai and in English and Hindi language versions for Delhi, these guides are free to download. Formatted for standard A4 format, they can be easily printed at home or viewed on a device.

Our role: Research, Writing, Illustration, Design for Print, Publishing